What Meta Changes Does ‘Destiny 2’ Need For Season Of The Dawn?


Dawn’s season, or whatever the last name for it, is coming to Destiny 2 in just a few weeks, and by the time we’ve heard about some of the upcoming changes to the game, more are sure to follow.

We have one-eyed masks and nerfs for a recluse, while striker Titan received a hamstring before the end of this season. We have seen buffaloes coming in three solar subclasses, but the last? It is unclear.

Although I do not claim to be some of the topmost experts in PvE and PvP meta, my ignorance will not stop me regardless. Here are some meta changes I want to see (or not see) as the season of Destiny 2 comes out.

Hand Guns / Pulse Rifles / Auto Rifles / Scout Rifles – Nothing. Seriously, I think these four main primaries are probably better balanced than they used to be in age, and I’d worry about the apple cart being disturbed with another twist.

I think the range nerf hit the hand canons a little harder, while the autos could probably use a smaller extra buffer that they got. But honestly, I’m okay with leaving all these alone right now.

Sleeve? I’m guessing we’re going to see something this season like an anti-barrier siderum mod or something that forces us to use them.

I don’t think there will be further losses for them, and allowances like Insta-Swap Speed ​​which should be the innate advantage of the class. They will never be on the same level as the other four, but I think they are already less important.

SMGs are very strong right now and in a good place. You can also use Recluse other than when the new season hits.

Shotguns and snipers should possibly leave this patch alone. It’s not that they’re not perfect, but I’ve seen worse meta for both. Fusions I would never say further PvE damage increases, and PvP probably requires a one-shot-range, brought to slightly more extremes (cross-map Erantil shots).

The boss would not mind buffering machine guns again, although they are very healthy at the moment. Hammerhead is still very good compared to all other peers, but whatever.

Grenade launchers are strong and good. Rocket Launcher needs a buff at this point. Whether it is more ammo or more damage or more than one rocket in the chamber, I’m not sure, but something will have to change as they move.

I’m completely in the same camp as the others that swords probably need to be moved into special slots or even primary slots because they mostly take the same role as shotguns, and they are, for the most part, in heavy slots.

Are ruined I am also getting on board with the idea that linear fusion can become an energy option as well as to completely ignore crowded heavy slots. I am in support of weapons like Queenbreaker, DARCI, and Whisper and are all dropping heavy slots at this point.


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