Utawarerumono: Lost Flag now available in Japan



Lost Flag is now accessible for iOS through the App Store and Android through Google Play in Japan. It is free of cost-to-play with item-based micro-transactions.

Here is an overview of the game, through its store pages:


When he realized it, he was in the gloominess, not aware of even which way is further or down.

How long had he stayed here? And how long will he stay here?

When his voice did not reach anyone, and it appeared like even the consciousness he had not taken was starting to go away, a ray of light blinked in the darkness.

He heard someone calling…

Maintained by that voice, he desperately went out to the light, only to discern an unknown starry sky above him.

And in its arms, a girl with red eyes and two horns seeking up to the heavens.

The girl, bleeding with no end in sight and going between life and death, questioned him this.

“A black mask…? You’re… my….”

A rebellion of a princess encircled by blood, and a man who did not hold his name has started.


Put up to five characters in your back and front guards, and start the battle. The parts of each role in your formation are the access to victory. Battles work out automatically. Every character has a distinct skill that can be formulated when the gauge at the end of the screen forms, making for very flashy battles.


A considerable number of distinct characters, shown by a cast of amazing voice actors, seem in Utawarerumono: Lost Flag.


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