‘Private Practice’ Seasons 1-6 Returning to Netflix in December 2019


Private Practice, one of the various spinoffs of Grey’s Anatomy, is moved to Netflix in the United States in December 2019. Here is a look at the sequel, why it is arriving on Netflix, and more.

Let us start with critical information. Private Practice will be joining Netflix again on December 22nd. All six seasons will be moving onto Netflix. Only Netflix in the United States is presently scheduled to get Private Practice included in December.

The spinoff to Grey’s Anatomy is roughly one of the characters in the prime show leaving to begin a private practice.

At Oceanside Wellness Center, Dr. Addison Montgomery encounters competing personalities in the new era of holistic medicine.

For longtime subscribers of Netflix, you will discover this is not Private Practice’s first rodeo on Netflix. It was streaming right up till two and a half years prior. It was sent away from Netflix in June 2017.

One of the enormous questions you might possess now is why ABC has licensed this head to Netflix. After all, many ABC shows instantly either move to Hulu or Disney+.

The reason is relatively easy. Behind Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy is produced by Shondaland. Shonda Rhimes is the creator of the show and filed a massive deal with Netflix, some of them years ago.

Much like with Ryan Murphy, Netflix has moved forward licensing their shows, whether it is from ABC in the scenario of Rhimes or Fox and FX from Murphy.

While we look for the initial wave of Shonda Rhimes to hit Netflix beginning in 2020, Netflix is expecting to get you hooked on her previous endeavors.


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