Omega Labyrinth Life Game Gets PC Release on December 10


D3 Publisher declared on Monday that it will launch its Omega Labyrinth Life role-playing game for PC through Steam on December 10. The launch will comprise of audio in Japanese and text and subtitles in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.

D3 Publisher released the game around the world on August 1 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The PS4 edition is Labyrinth Life, a different version of the game with reduced sexual content.

D3 Publisher substantiated on Monday that the PC edition will be similar to the Nintendo Switch edition of the game.

Like the earlier games in the sequel, the game is a roguelike (random dungeon generation) RPG where the characters can acquire power-ups that widen out their breast size. The “life” in the title arrives from a modern feature.

D3 Publisher launches its first Omega Labyrinth rogue-like dungeon game for PlayStation Vita in November 2015 and Omega Labyrinth Z for the PS4 and PS Vita in July 2017. The U.K.

game publisher PQube thought to launch the game in North America and Europe, but the launch was removed due to the “wishes of the platform holder.” A fan-service roguelike is moving to a new platform.

An Omega Labyrinth Life PC port has been declared. On December 10, 2019, people will be prepared to play the game. A price has not been declared, but the Steam page is already there.

D3 Publisher has substantiated that the Omega Labyrinth Life PC launch will rely on the Nintendo Switch edition of the game.

This implies it will comprise of Bloom Break illustrations, touch events, Oppai Appraisal, each and every hot springs illustration, holds Pai Touch Action, and comprises the rock-paper-scissors minigame. It also possesses the uncut opening and ending films.

Some other information has been substantiated for the Steam edition of Omega Labyrinth Life. It will possess achievements, trading cards, and will give out English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese language options.


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