His Dark Materials review — cast outclassed by a metalworking bear


Despite the fact that this is an episode where the characters largely revolve around a small town that overtakes their campaign north to fight the Gobblers, something about Episode Four felt like The story of his dark material was coming together for me.

Maybe this story is finally getting in the stream of Philip Pullman’s original novel, which I enjoyed the most – the race through the North and the sinister Lyra finds there – or maybe the long-awaited one like Lee Scoresby The characters begin with (Lin-Manuel Miranda) played by Hamilton) and the armored bear Iorek Byrnison (Joe Tandberg).

Or perhaps it is just that there was not as much jumping around this week, where Lyra and the Guptians finally united in geography and purpose and Lord Boreal’s world-hogging antics gave relief for the time.

In addition to the action at Trollsund, in fact, the Magisterium is the only place we go, where Mrs. Culper (Ruth Wilson) asserts her dominance over the priests and Boreal (Ariane the goat) threatens the alethiometer-reading Fr Powell.

For the first time in an episode, then, it clearly and specifically feels like Lyra’s story, with Daphne’s action driving with the heroine as she tracks down Iorek and Lee, telling them their trademark storytelling She recruits and even persuades him to innovate.

Armored Bear friends in the woods for his vengeance on Syssellman (Harry Potter’s Harry Melling, who had a big Sunday night, also appearing in the Battle of the Wars this week).

Overall, this is more liked by Lyra whom the book’s fans know and love – and considering the series is going to make many more changes to what’s happening next, still her biggest and best moments More to come

Still, she was not the only stand-out in this week’s episode. Demonstrating notable restraint as they consider early aspects of the books, this week’s episode where the first appearance of big-name casting-Menon Miranda for his film and theater roles, and the smash-hit musical Hampton Were known to make.

The first person in the series, Miranda was a big role for screenwriter Jack Thorne and executive producer Jane Tranter, and until she is like Lee Scoresby in the books – a big calm, a big mustache and air-to-air – she is more excited. , Aeronautical version, the aeronautical version still breathes a bit of fresh air into the proceedings.

And then there is the bear. One of Pullman’s most enduring creations was the race of Panserbjörn, or armored bears, intelligent giant polar bears with a love of metal and war (originally fictional dwarfs, but more of a climate change threat) in His Dark Materials, And they brought life to the screen brilliantly.

Although we can now be used for impressive work, the VFX house Framestore and the in-house team have worked on every character’s doom while working on their dark materials (even though, as always, it looks strange that They don’t have enough background characters), they excel themselves on Iorek Byrnison.

Photorealistic, rippling with muscle and (presumably) talking to other characters without looking like a lifeless CGI creation, there was not a single moment where I was not completely convinced by Iorek and his character.

Hopefully in future weeks, by the time we get more bears in even more impressive suits of armor, we can expect the standard to remain high. But with armies of flying witches, Gobblers, Bolwangers and Svalbard’s still to come, well, we might be distracted to pay attention anyway …

His dark material continues on BBC One at 8 pm on Sunday


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