Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’: Now that I’m 23, it’s a different story


As an elementary school student in the early 2000s and an only child devoid of many teenage girl role models, I acquired a small passion for the heroines of Rome, standing as my fictional elder sisters.

Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) at Sheila taught me how to be shameless; Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) from The Princess Diaries showed me what it is inside that matters, and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; The relationship between Carmen (America Ferreira), Tibby (Amber Tamblin), Bridget (Blake Lively) and Lina (Alexis Bledel) deemed the value of female friendship.

But one sister-adjacent idol broke the rest of my screen role model: Lindsay Lohan’s “Lola” in Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004). Funnily it’s enough, the fearlessness of my childhood idol, a character who is 15 years old, now eight years my junior still strikes a chord with me.

Forced to relocate from New York City to Dalewood, New Jersey, Lola deeply rescues her (single) mother to transfer to her family, including her twin younger sisters, in the suburb and continuously has her feelings. Known, the cost does not matter.

Although she is the new girl at Dalewood High, Lola starred in the school’s rock opera musical and faced off against the school’s queen bee Carla Shanti (Megan Fox). Lola has a bad habit of “lying to make herself more interesting.” She also tells her new best friend, Ella (Allison Pill), that her father’s tragic death occurred in a motorcycle accident. (He did not die in a motorcycle accident, and is, in fact, quite alive.)

Born and raised in Dalewood, Ella “does everything you want to do, when you’re gonna do it,” and never thinks of anything at least until she meets Lola.

The girls bond with their mutual love for rock band Sidarthur. Lola beats Ella in her antics, including stealing from a school dress shop and attending a concert without a ticket. Although she is along for the ride, Ella is not completely transformed into a rule-breaker like Lola. Overwhelmed with guilt and anxiety due to the possible consequences of her and Lola’s henchmen, Ella is accustomed to crying, withering, and terror.

In the end, the girls make a fantastic impression on each other. Ella teaches Lola that she doesn’t have to “prove anything” to others by lying, and Ella thanks Lola for encouraging her to be “brave enough to be different.”

I had left many of my romantic heroines in the past. Lola was an exception to this. When I was 14 years old, I moved to a new city and became a new girl in my high school.

Therefore, I found his story even more personal. I was desperate to emulate her fearless transition to a new environment and ended up paying tribute to Lola because she had everything that felt off-limits for me.

Lola dresses like a bohemian celebrity and revels in the fact that she pricks like a sore thumb. Such confidence caught Sam (Ellie Marienthal) next door as well, a cute boy. I, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by the prospect of making new friends – and deep discomfort in my skin. To avoid paying any extra attention to myself or my body, I wore a baggy sweatshirt rather than expressing myself through personal style.

Before the film’s credits roll, she starred in her school musical and met her celebrity crush, Lola dances with Sam at a slow pace and says that “now [her] career has started, maybe [ He] has a boyfriend. ”

(Lola is characterful. Saying that her high school stardom launched her Broadway career, Hyperbolyk said, “He’s an adorable guy next door. I, on the other hand, get stuck in a state without a crush.” Gone. First, kisses were common postures, and I was severely broken.


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