‘Hache’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix, 2020 Release


Spanish series ‘Hache’ has already been received its season 2 order by its previous streaming service Netflix shortly after its first season telecasted on Netflix. Here’s some interesting detail about the next season:

The Spanish Series has got significant viewership in the Spanish market. Previous Spanish Series like Elite and Money Heist were a success in Spain as well as worldwide. Surprisingly, Netflix announced Madrid as its new production hub in April 2019.

 Hache has its origins in 1960s Barcelona, where Helena sneaks into a cartel to learn their secrets. Her sole mission is to the love and trust of their leader.

Even though Netflix hasn’t released any statistics of success of the show, however, there is a significant chance that the Series performed well with critics and audiences. 

It managed to hit around 156 on the IMDb index, which in itself is a huge success.

Season 1, consisting of eight episodes of ‘Hache,’ was launched at Netflix worldwide on November 1st.

Netflix’s Spanish social accounts tweeted regarding The announcement of season 2 of Hache. It translates to – “The damn teacher and damns the apprentice” thing to #Hache falls short. The second season arrives in 2020.”

What can we expect from season II of Hache?? Season one wrapped up with Hache taking out vengeance with ‘Malpica’s betrayer imprisoned and tortured.

Thanks to Diezminutos, we know that season two will see Hache back at the head of the criminal enterprise and teases that we could see the resurrection of Javier Rey.

For the moment, that’s all we know about season two of Hache coming to Netflix at some time in the year 2020. Our guess is that we’ll see Hache arrive in roughly a similar release window as season one, so around October to December 2020.


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